How important is the appearance in regard to sales.

Clean, fast loading and easily navigated. Those should be the top 3 concessions. I would never condone an ugly website. But let’s all remember the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And your eyes won’t be shopping at your website most likely. Other people’s eyeballs will. So that in mind let’s go with the obvious, the site needs to look nice, and clean, all the spelling needs to be correct, everything needs to be centered properly, the graphics must be at least reasonably relevant. And the color scheme should not be described as overly noisy and obnoxious I’m going to stop right there with design elements and we’re going to talk about how the consumer feels. The fact of the matter is if you have a terrific product or a terrific offering it really doesn’t matter whether you have a white background and no web design whatsoever, just put your offer right there on a page and people will order it at the exact same rate as they would order it from a fancy web design. Your offer is what’s compelling, Nobody is going to spend a bunch of money at your website because your website is so gosh darn pretty. This is not an art contest and sadly a very large percentage of business owners have turned it into an art contest against themselves. the artistic stuff never ends it just goes on and on. The perception is if I just add one more cool graphic sales will come. These folks never run out of things that they need to add to the website with the belief structure that these things will make all the difference in the world. Reaching the big time is a very admirable goal but this is done with a terrific offering and good marketing. Not fancy design elements. Can you imagine if Target and Walmart started making their floors out of Onyx and their pillars out of cobalt and put 24 karat gold trim on everything 🙂 sorry I’m making a point here some of you are going way too far and if you love web design then I 100% support you. You should always do what you want to do. But if you need sales next week, tinkering with the web design for the next six months is not going to get you there. Tinker until it’s perfect  .  Ebay ,Craigslist, Amazon and most others  are all basically as boring as it gets. The reason is simple, it needs to be fast loading so you don’t have to wait very long while shopping. And they want the product to jump into your eyes and not the web design. They know what they want you to look at. It’s usually something you can add to your shopping cart.

If I can save one person six months of their life, then mission accomplished, This article was completely worth it. Remember what’s important marketing, business, traffic, sales. The website is a digital flyer it’s hardly an integral part in the process although it is universally seen as everything. You have the entire length of your business to tinker and add elements where you see fit. This author recommend you get in business first, and let the artist in you come later with purpose and reason.

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