How to get traffic to your website using Pinterest.

This is a very interesting topic then many people are doing successfully but most of you sadly are not. understanding the chain reaction of consumer behavior is a terrific first step. It all starts with a pin. A pin simply described is a small image advertisement that you can create in your paint software or Photoshop. Using this software you can add a couple of graphics to make it look pretty. You can also add a little bit of wording to complete your pin.   Your pin should be designed with a particular goal in mind, and that goal is grabbing peoples attention, and showing them something hopefully that they aren’t familiar with. Or that they’re interested in learning more about. often professional marketing businesses will describe the pin as a leader, attention grabber, invitation to learn more. For me the grabbing of attention is by far the most important factor. Perhaps you clicked on this pin wanting to learn more about how to get traffic to your website using Pinterest. So without further ado I will explain the process. Your business is no doubt surrounded by many other ideas and concepts so you’ll have plenty of material to write upon. Every product in your inventory, every service that you offer, and every FAQ you’ve ever had are great ideas for a new Pin. A big first step is learning how to create new pages on your website that includes similar information that is referenced in the Pinterest post. Like in this case if you got this far in the article you’re now on my website reading it. You’re learning how to use Pinterest to get traffic to your website And you are now a shining example of just that Occurrence.  The entire social networking marketing paradigm is quite circular.

step 1: add an article to your website no matter what kind of business you’re in.

Step 2: make a small graphic for Pinterest using an attention grabbing technique to discuss this topic. At the bottom of your Pinterest image include name so people can quickly see it.

Step 3: copy or article to the Pinterest title and description thus grabbing the user’s attention, let them read half the article, and let them click through to your website to read the rest of the article if interested. Remember they would not be clicking on this if they were not interested so you already have their attention.

Step 4: once they are at your website curiosity and surfing and viewing your offers should be included in the article itself or it surroundings.

Step 5: repeat this procedure on Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter most of this can be done from within the Pinterest console when you post a new Pinterest. The share feature allows you to make it very easy.

Step 6: that is the process. Now to make it do the best as possible you’re going to have to write pins that have a little bit of a clickbait quality. Make sure it’s relevant to your website your business and your offerings. But tease them with a little free information that they might be interested in. For instance in this case how to get more traffic to your website using Pinterest. Hopefully you’re going to end up on my website and get a good look at our website design for free offerings. Our web hosting offerings. We’ve been in business for almost 20 years and you’re bound to notice that. Having a WordPress website makes it very easy to add articles in using Microsoft Word and its dictation feature you don’t even need to type to write an article and teach somebody something they didn’t know before.

Step 7: look at other people on Pinterest who are successful it shows you how many views they’ve had each month and you can see how many people are looking at each Pinterest image. Or PIN You’ll probably notice they serve up wonderful click bait they offer a wonderful article on the topic. For more information you’ll need to go to their website of course. and the number of views and clicks they get is astounding. I found a guy today that has 160,000 views just in the last 30 days and he only posts on Pinterest one time a week. You don’t need to swamped Pinterest with new postings constantly you can actually do some quality.  If you sell tools for a living you could have how to articles. If you do life coaching you could give people small tips on how to make their life better. It doesn’t matter what business you are in there are 1000 things you can talk about that people are interested in. Providing them with this material and knowing that they are a likely candidate for your product is the key to winning at Pinterest.

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