Murphy’s law for web marketing

If you put something on your website where nobody can find it, they won’t

If you do not put you’re offering on the homepage there’s a 90% chance they will never see it.

No matter how many people promise you top ranking on Google none of them work for Google.

Nobody ever bought anything online because the website was so pretty

If your business plan does not include the fully detailed sales process it won’t have one.

make sure you have an advertising budget that is properly replenished with each sale.

Sending people from your website to Facebook or Twitter helps them not you. in fact you should be doing the opposite of that.

Anyone waiting on Google to make them rich will probably be waiting for a very long time.

if you don’t test your marketing idea before spending thousands of dollars on a website you might find yourself having lost thousands of dollars only to find out there is no marketplace for the gasoline powered turtleneck sweater.

if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

If you don’t record the times and dates of major website changes you’ll never know How well it worked for certain

There is a marketplace for everything your idea does not necessarily need to be a good one.  sometimes it’s the product, sometimes it’s the marketing approach, or perhaps you’re a celebrity, but it’s usually one of those three.

Remember if it’s difficult to navigate your website even slightly confusing that’s taking all of your hard earned marketing dollars and throwing them out the window. It’s like locking your store so the customer can’t get in.. 

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