Social media marketing

For most business people the goal is to get as much traffic as possible and for that traffic to be targeted or be remotely interested in the product and services prior to arrival on the website. This is considered premium traffic and is one of the hardest things for people to come by. It’s a lot easier and much cheaper to get garbage traffic that has no interest and probably isn’t close to your necessary demographic people the demonstrated need for a certain product grouping have a much higher percentage of being sold a product at your website. For instance trying to sell golf clubs to somebody that doesn’t golf might just be a waste of time. But if you can consistently send golfers to your website you’re going to have a much better result and so much many more clubs.  Targeted traffic can be gained in many ways. The first method you might already be familiar with is the Google search engine people type in a specific search and you hopefully will come out in the top results and that visitor will go to your website and will be officially a targeted visitor.  Notice I used the word hopefully. This kind of success is hopeful an usually temporary if ever obtained. It’s a lot of work and a lot of things that are not in your control. Competition, algorithm changing and many things that Google can do to shuffle the deck and they do it quite often this author does not recommend pouring all of your resources into obtaining free listings from Google . If paid listings listings are successful then that would be a terrific plan however there’s many other ways to get targeted traffic. When you run an advertisement on a website for a classified advertisement or a Pinterest post or a Facebook post and somebody clicks on that to go visit your website, That is also considered targeted traffic.  By appearance it may not be as strong as something that you would search directly for but now that you’ve seen it you are compelled to want it. Therefore you have screened yourself out as a candidate for this product or service.  Just like a product in a grocery store that somebody buys even though it wasn’t the main product that they went down there to get. Making sure your product is in the store and making sure that they make eye contact with it is your goal of equivalency.  Regular advertising strategies they create a larger presence on social media websites can be very beneficial to your business. They must be executed properly Anne not haphazardly. There needs to be a larger goal and a quest to reach that goal. The big vision must be clear and you’re executing on that vision would bring a certain outcome.  For instance you create the web page and then drive traffic to that webpage using seven venues each of which you have a daily donation in the daily increase and following, friendships, likes all of your numbers go up and up consistently because you’re always donating. Every donation is a catch to bring people back to your website and to make them familiar with your business. These little odd jobs do not take that much time once you get in the habit of it. Much of it can be done on the go. But to grow and online presence the exact same way everyone else is trying to build an online presence you either have to outdo their numbers or play much smarter than they are. We have designed systems that take care of every angle to benefit at every turn. And the least amount of steps possible. We do the marketing for over a dozen companies. Once your network is properly expanded it will grow up by itself. The job ceases to exist. Kind of like that expression the rich just get richer.

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