What they do

  • Get your hosting / domain name / website online and working properly
  • Add / remove / manipulate the graphics to make the site fitting for your business. 
  • Add / remove any plugins or widgets that can help or hurt your sales. 
  • Setup your link menus / drop down menus / site structure. 
  • Call you and show you how to make changes to your website as you wish. 
  • Advise you on any consumer behavior / sales funnel issues that need improvement
  • List your site in all major search engines
  • Target keywords for high ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing search engines. 
  • Build or modify your logo
  • Troubleshoot the site to make sure the design is bug and issue free. 
  • Make sure you are the owner on record of domain name / web design intellectual property.

If you have us host / manage your website we do all of this all year long for free as long as we are hosting your website.   If you host elsewhere you will have to take care of and manage your own website and any and all future changes.